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Time Capsule Collection



Box 1


Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Colorado. 1899
Grand Lodge of Colorado. 1899
Proceedings of the Grand Commandery of Colorado ? Knights Templar, Denver, Colorado. 1899

Booklets – Colorado Springs Businesses & Information:
The El Paso County National Bank of Colorado Springs, Colorado ? Statement of Condition. 1900
Industrial Colorado Springs & El Paso County Colorado Facts & Figures compiled by Judge J.L. Berry
(2 copies)
Farmers’ National Congress – Colorado Springs, Colorado. 1900
The Exchange National Bank of Colorado Springs, Colorado – Statement of Condition. 1900
(2 copies)
The First National Bank of Colorado Springs, Colorado – Statement of Condition. 1900
Handbook of the Mines and Mining Companies of Cripple Creek, Colorado. 1900

Booklets & Newsletters ? Clubs & Organizations
The Granite Cutters’ Journal – August 1900, Vol. XXIV No. 281 ? Boston, Mass.

Stone Cutters Journal ? August 1900, Vol. XIII No. 8
Square & Compass ? June 1900, Vol. XI No. 4
Square & Compass ? December 1899, Vol. VIII No. 10
Constitution of the Colorado Springs Mining Stock Association. 1899
By-Law Colorado Springs Chapter No. 6 ? Royal Arch Masons, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 1895
Masonic Calendar for El Paso County Colorado. 1899
By-Laws of El Paso Lodge No. 13 A.P. & A.M.. 1899
Constitution of the Colorado Springs Board of Brokers’ Association and Rules for Clearing. 1900
Constitution of the Granite Cutters’ National Union of the United States of America. 1897
Constitution and By-Laws of Colorado Springs and Vicinity Branch of the Journeymen Stonecutters’ Association of North America. 1899
By-Laws of Pikes Peak Commandery No. 6 ? Knights Templar. 1893
Tejon Lodge No. 104, A.F. & A.M. – Colorado Springs, Colorado – Officers for 1900 (list)
Weekly Market Letter August 17, 1900. Mines & Mining Stock
Official Minutes
Tissue Paper Inventories (2)
Citizen List
Letterheads & Business Cards:
J. Greenwaldt, Mining Stock Broker
N.M. Washer, D.G.M. Texas (8-23-1900)
A.J. Smith, Architect
W.C. Jones, Club House Café & Blue Front Restaurant
William P. BonBright & Co., Bankers & Brokers
Advertising & Ephemera:
3 Political Pins depicting Wm J. Bryan, Stevenson, and 2 unidentified politicians.
Small pouch, tan with R. Ashby, Jeweler & Optician, 12 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, Colorado
Private Mailing Card depicting Cowboys Racing on the Plains
El Paso County, Colorado Springs, Colorado – State of Colorado Blank Check
Color print of Pikes Peak Ave. & the Antlers Hotel
Advertisements & Information for bicycles (4)
Advertisement for Automobiles from the Cycle & Automobile Trade Journal
3 Ribbons that were once red, white & blue
El Paso County?s Courthouse of 1900 – Southwest corner of Kiowa & Nevada
El Paso County?s first Courthouse in Colorado City
Buckskin Charley ? Chief of the Ute Indians. August 23, 1900
Apache Indian Children. August 23, 1900
William Jackson Palmer. July 31, 1871 (mounted)
*Came in a thin wax paper enveloped, removed to envelope folder*

Office of County Commissioners of El Paso County, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Office of County Commissioners of El Paso County, Colorado Springs, Colorado ? List of contents of this box, written on it.
The Exchange National Bank -Colorado Springs, Colorado
Spaulding House -Colorado Springs, Colorado
Chas. E. Emery – Colorado Springs, Colorado
*Contained mounted photograph of William J. Palmer*

United States of America paper Silver Certificate Dollar. 1899
1899 Silver Dollar coin
1900 Half Dollar coin
1900 5 cent coin
1900 Quarter Dollar coin
1898 5 cent coin
1899 Gold 5 Dollar coin
1900 Indian Head Penny coin
(2 copies)1891 Indian Head Penny coin

1900 Dime coin
1900 Lafayette Dollar coin
1. Clippings:

News of El Paso County Towns, Colorado Springs Gazette – August 22, 1900
Drawing of Henry M. Teller
Getting Ready for the Summer Tourists, Facts Magazine Vol. VI No. 8 – Colorado Springs, Colorado – May 19, 1900

Box 2



The Evening Telegraph Vol. XXIII No. 39 – Colorado Springs, Colorado – August 22,1900
The Daily Press Cripple Creek Vol. 1 No. 158 / Victor Vol. 1 No. 298 – Cripple Creek & Victor – June 22, 1900
El Paso County Democrat Vol. XI No. 49 ? Colorado Springs, Colorado – June 23, 1900
Colorado Springs Gazette No. 7145-29th year – August 23, 1900
Appeal to Reason – Girard, Kansas – August 25, 1900
The Rocky Mountain News Vol. XLI No. 235 – Denver, Colorado – August 23, 1900
The Colored Dispatch Vol. I No. 3 – Colorado Springs, Colorado – August 18, 1900
The Pueblo Courier Vol. IX No. 416 – Pueblo, Colorado – July 6, 1900

Scrapbook: Contains signatures and words of wisdom from people who attended

the opening of the 1900 time capsule in 2000 at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum on August 23, 2000. Also contains color photographs of the event.

VHS Cassettes: Titled: Dedication Ceremony for Pioneers Museum Time Capsule.

Wednesday, August 23rd 2000. Removed to the SCLH VHS Collection (2 copies)