Dorothy Heller Collection - CSPM

Dorothy Heller Collection

S998.180 & S2001.77

Box 1

(1) – 1 Dorothy Heller Scrapbook Photocopies: Photocopies of the original order and placement of the pages of Dorothy Heller’s scrapbook.

(1) – 2 Dorothy Heller Scrapbook, Pages 1-10: Announcement of her job with the police department, certificates, articles, pictures of Honolulu in 1962 and an award with newspaper clippings.

(1) – 3 Dorothy Heller Scrapbook, Pages 11-20: Retirement announcements, etters, articles, certificates, and photographs.

(1) – 4 Dorothy Heller Scrapbook, Pages 21-30: Family photographs, diploma, flyers, class reunion picture, newspaper pictures and articles, various club cards and calling cards, Pikes Peak Hill Climb articles and items.

(1) – 5 Dorothy Heller Scrapbook, Pages 31 to End of Book: Awards, thank you letters, flyers, personal correspondence, lists, police dept. letterhead, retirement cards, photographs, short biography of Larry Heller, registration and birth certificate.

(1) – 6 Photographs: People: Pictures of Dorothy and Larry Heller, and their friends and family. Includes prints of unidentified people.

(1) – 7 Photographs: Rodeos: Various rodeo photographs.

(1) – 8 Photographs: Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo: Includes negatives.

(1) – 9 Photographs: People & Horses: Pictures of the Heller’s with friends and family, posing, hanging out and riding horses in Yawn Valley. (Yawn Valley was what the Heller’s called the valley where their house was built)

(1) – 10 Photographs: Art Studies and Poses: Drawing studies, models, and Larry Heller.

(1) – 11 Photographs: Heller’s Artwork: Statues, posters and drawings done by Larry Heller. Includes Negatives.

(1) – 12 Photographs: Heller’s Artwork (mounted): Statues, posters and drawings done by Larry Heller.

(1) – 13 Photographs: Alexander Film Company : Stage shots and behind the scenes. Mostly color shots, some black and white.

(1) – 14 Photographs: Alexander Film Company (mounted): Stage shots and behind the scenes. Mostly color prints, some black and white.

(1) – 15 Photographs: Events: Larry Heller leading a band, car races, and wedding pictures.

(1) – 16 Photograph: Landscapes: Mostly Yawn Valley and Colorado Springs.

(1) – 17 Photographs Animal Studies: Most were taken at Yawn Valley and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

(1) – 18 Photographs: Architecture & Interiors: Yawn Valley, and inside of unknown buildings of Colorado Springs.

(1) – 19 Photographs: Military Machines: World War II bombs, planes and war machines.

(1) – 20 Newspaper Clippings 1: Colorado College Nutcracker Ballet

(1) – 21 Newspaper Clippings 2: From 1929-1932, includes articles on Larry Heller in regards to golf, art, and photography. Articles on Dorothy Heller, Bee Vradenburg and Photogravure sections from a Philadelphia newspaper..

(1) – 22 Booklets: Wildlife poster stamp album, competition bulletin, and Colorado College Ballet booklets.

(1) – 23 Ephemera: Flyers, hand painted act dividers, pictures, fold up Christmas tree, war posters, cigarette advertisements, golf cards and charts, applications, business cards, letters, sketches, invoices, cancelled check, script, newspaper clippings, Crime Stoppers poster with Dorothy Heller, invitations, letterheads, Larry Heller caricatures, commercials and photographs.

Box 2

Photographs: From the Alexander Film Company and Larry Heller Studios. Head shots, stage shots and behind the scenes in color and black & white. Includes newspaper clippings about Larry Heller.

Box 3

Larry Heller Scrapbook: Two Larry Heller scrapbooks, business cards, Colorado Springs Country Club Yearbook for June 1968, and a book by Arthur H. Hayward titled Colonial Lighting. (Moved to Curatorial Reference Library)

Box 4

Alexander Film Company: Photographs of movie scenes, actors, actresses, and publicity shots, mostly black and white 8 x 10’s.

Box 5

Alexander Film Company : Photographs of movie scenes, actors, actresses, and publicity shots, mostly black and white 8 x 10’s.

Box 6

Film and Containers: 12 metal film canisters, 2 small boxes of exposed black and white film rolls, metal slide case, and a pin that says “Jr. HE AD DO Dept.”

Box 7

Larry Heller Moving Film Commercials and Skits:  Box 1 “7up Commercial”. Box 2 “Old Faithful”, skit about a car. Box 3 “Auto, Fire and Theft Commercial”. Box 4 “Rich Man Banking”. Box 5 “Family Dining”. Box 6 “Driving in Convertible with Bird”. Box 7 “Clown Trying to Find Out What Time It Is”. Box 8 “Jack and Jill”.

Box 8

Slides and Negatives – Slides; rodeo, animals, landscapes, aerial shots and clouds. Negatives; color and black & white, taken by the Heller’s and for the Alexander Film Company.