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Plan a Field Trip

The CSPM is currently undergoing a $6.2 million capital project to install a state-of-art HVAC system. The CSPM’s main building, 1903 El Paso County Courthouse, is closed to the public, but a CSPM Annex is open with brand-new exhibits. Register now for for virtual, small group in-person Annex field trips, and our new outreach program History Detectives. Field trips to the 1903 El Paso County Courthouse will resume in September 2024.

OUTREACH PROGRAM: History Detectives

  • 3rd & 4th Grade
  • LOCATION: Your School!
  • Designed for 3-4 Classrooms; 1 Adult Chaperone per Classroom (additional adult helpers appreciated)
  • Offered Tuesdays – Thursdays
  • Programs will last between 1 hr. and 45 min. (3 stations) & 2 hr. and 15 min. (4 stations) *Not including set-up and clean-up time

New! In the History Detectives outreach program, a team of Mission Agents will visit your classroom and guide your students through a series of hands-on activity stations. History Detectives in training will work with invisible ink, decoders, magnifying glasses, and puzzles to analyze artifacts, documents, and photographs from the Museum’s collection. Our team is thrilled to recruit and train the next generation of History Detectives! Are you up for the challenge?

Do you need information to share with your school about the goals and benefits of this program? Access the guide: “How will the program support my student’s learning?”

CSPM ANNEX: Ute Knowledge History Take-Out Program

  • 2nd – 5th Grade
  • LOCATION: CSPM Annex (Plaza of the Rockies) – 121 S. Tejon St., Suite 100
  • 10 – 30 Students; 1 Adult Chaperone for every 8 Students 
  • Tuesdays – Fridays; 90 Minutes – 2 Hours

New!  Visit the CSPM Annex (Plaza of the Rockies – 121 S. Tejon St, Suite 100) to explore the Ute Knowledge: Colorado’s Original STEM exhibit and participate in History Colorado’s Ute Knowledge History Take-Out program. Students investigate how the Ute Indians used science, technology, engineering and math to survive and thrive in the Rocky Mountains. By testing materials, they’ll see how Ute people solved problems in the past and still do today. The program meets history, math and science standards.

VIRTUAL PROGRAMS: Digging the Past or Clothing Talks

  • 2nd – 5th Grade; Can accommodate older grade levels upon request
  • 1 – 4 Classrooms; 1 Adult Chaperone Per Class
  • Tuesdays-Fridays; 60 Minutes

The Museum offers two options for your students aligned with Colorado Academic Standards for Social Studies: 

  • DIGGING THE PAST:  In 2018, the City of Colorado Springs completed an archaeological excavation of the midden (trash) pit at Glen Eyrie, the home of our city’s founder, General William Jackson Palmer. Whether history lends us documents, photographs, artifacts, or even trash, we can use historic sources to explain the past. In the Digging the Past virtual program, students will examine evidence from the archaeological excavation and the Museum’s collection to understand the development of the Pikes Peak region.
  • CLOTHING TALKS: In the Clothing Talks virtual program students will examine four outfits from the Museum’s artifact collection. Each unique outfit tells stories of key historical figures and events from Pikes Peak regional history. Students will explore how clothing items are examples of primary sources that help us to determine factual information about our community’s history.


“ My students gained so much from the hands on experience. They continue to make connections from our visit to what we are learning currently. I highly recommend this field trip! I always feel it’s important for students to not just learn about Colorado history but also our local history. Thank you for the opportunity to explore and learn!”

– Local 4th Grade Teacher