Mathews Collection - CSPM

Mathews Collection

Box 1

(1):1 Reckmeyer Correspondence – 72 letters, maps, and articles written and collected by Clarence Reckmeyer during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Includes many letters to Carl Mathews regarding various subjects.

(1):2 G.M. Taylor Interviews – Notes on an interview with G.M. Taylor by R.G. Colwell. It is a mixture of information about railroads, mines, and businesses of the Pikes Peak Region in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. More specifically covered are the Cripple Creek and Victor Districts. There is also a great deal of information on individuals involved in these areas. Also many specifics about Mr. Taylor and the Klondike Goldrush.

(1):3 Taylor Correspondence 1 – Over 50 letters from various mining companies, suppliers, acquaintances and politicians. Includes a letter typed and signed by Spencer Penrose in 1919.

(1):4 Taylor Correspondence 2 – Over 50 letters and invoices from various mining companies, suppliers, acquaintances and politicians.

(1):5 Articles By or About Mathews – Autobiography of Charles A. Mathews in Pacific Woodmen Magazine. Charles A. Mathews obituary in Gazette, June 20, 1957. Articles from various publications by and about Carl Mathews.

(1):6 Photographs by Mathews Family – 2 ID sheets of photographs by Carl Mathews.

(1):7 Letters to and From Mathews Family – Letters to and from C.M. Mathews (Carl & Hugh-s Grandfather), Charles Mathews (Carl & Hugh-s Father), and Carl Mathews.

(1):8 Unsolved Crimes – Documentation of various unsolved crimes in the Pikes

Peak Region from the late 1800s to the 1960s.

(1):9 That Red October Day – A true story written in 1932, about a riot at the

Colorado State Penitentiary in 1929 as told by an eyewitness, R.M. Crane.

(1):10 Typescripts 7-14 – Various documents about the 1943 Murder of Rose Bruner.

Box 2

(2):1 Railroads – Various railroad documents, maps and lists.

(2):2 Colorado Midland R.R. 1 – Locomotive record, employee lists, documents, and a flyer.

(2):3 Colorado Midland R.R. 2 – Railroad passes for J.J. Burns, various letters and invoices.

(2):4 Colorado Midland R.R. 3 – Dining car service menu, drawings, various letters and a booklet.

(2):5 Midland Terminal Railroad – Individual ticket and a ticket book, schedule, scenic attraction letter, 4 clearance cards and an invoice.

(2):6 Denver & Rio Grande Railroad – Various railroad maps, early history, telegram, flyer, ticket, and a poem.

(2):7 Ephemera – Various letters and articles, Wagon Tracks to Cripple Creek, Hugo Ranch Ledger notes, The Big Thompson Project map & flyer, handwritten lists, Irrigation law 1949, application for membership to the Colorado Archaeological Society, advertisements, and a listing of planetary movements and intersections along with astrological forecasts.

(2):8 Ephemera / Pikes Peak Camera Club – Various letters, information and yearbooks.

(2):9 Stories – Copy of Cragin’s notes on Major Thomas Fitzpatrick, Story of Flapjack, Bull Fight notes from Gazette in 1895, people & their histories, article from the Labor News in 1945.

(2):10 Town Histories and Information – City directory listings 1900-1909 (missing 1904 & 1905), brief history of South Park, Cripple Creek District, Colorado City, Gunnison County, Eastonville. Summitville population, The New Rocky Mt. Tourist Arkansas Valley and San Juan Guide.

(2):11 Rosita Querida District – History and mines.

(2):12 Rico, Colorado – First businesses, mines, and the history of the Pioneer District.

(2):13 Gunnison Scrapbook – A collection of articles published in the Gunnison newspaper from the late 1920s to the 1940s.

(2):14 Town Maps – Maps of Middle Park, San Juan County, Mineral, Ouray, Laplata, Lake, Dolores, and Gunnison.

Box 3

(3):1 Prominent Mines 1 – Includes; old mining camps, article on production of gold & silver in the U.S., Colorado Mining directories, mining in Colorado, the Rawley mine, Independence mine, Placer mine, San Migual mine, Little Annie mine, Mary Murphy mine, the Bassick mine, and the Cripple Creek district.

(3):2 Prominent Mines 2 – Includes; the Highland Mary mine, pioneers of San Juan, the Sunnyside mine, Pennsylvania mine, Summit County, London mine, excerpts from the Metals Handbook, Rio Grande County, and Cripple Creek.

(3):3 Loose Mining Articles – Articles about mining from various mining magazines, and a handwritten mining article.

(3):4 Mining Magazines – Prospectus from the Ouray Mining and Milling Company, Scott’s Manual of Common Minerals, Seven Talks About Mines, and The Mining and Contracting Review.

(3):5 People and Mining Information – Colorado State Business Directories for Summitville from 1882-1884, excerpt from Hollister’s “Mines of Colorado”, article by Carl Mathews for the Ghost Town Club, information on mines in Colorado, and an excerpt from Hall’s “History of Colorado”.

(3):6 Annual Mining Reports – Annual reports for various Colorado mines, some as early as 1877.

(3):7 Miscellaneous Mining Information & Clippings – Newspaper clippings about the Summitville mines, excerpt on gold & silver mines, handwritten notes, article on gold, information on Colorado Mining.

(3):8 Ghost Towns & Ghost Town Clubs – Articles from the Ghost Town News, summary of papers presented in the club, notes from the club, Ghost Town Club trip to Gunnison, newspaper articles about ghost towns, Colorado State Business Directory for 1896, 1881, 1884, 1890, a trustees’ deed for property in St. Elmo, CO, The Brand Book Vol. 3 – this is a reprint of Colorado “Ghost Towns”, maps, and certificates.

(3):9 Jimmy Camp Trail – Writings by Carl Mathews, map.

(3):10 Photographs – Mrs. Harry Seldomridge & Mrs. Eugene Gammon near Pike Memorial Monument in Antlers- Park, Colo. Springs 1956. Gertrude Deming Gammon, 1956. Wagon Wheel Gap (1880-). Jim McCullough with people, alone in his car, and with Dad Bruce, 1948. Cog Railway, 1948.

Box 4

Ephemera – Photograph album from the Mathews family with pictures of nature, people and Prospect Lake circa 1900. Ledger from the East Leadville House and Mining Company.

Box 5

Ephemera – Finance ledger from 1880, ledger of letters, ledger of copies of private letters.

Box 6

Photographs – Pikes Peak by Auto Album circa 1910, Mancos Canyon, Mesa Verde and Wetherill Ranch Album circa 1900.

Box 7

Police Work and Crime Notes – Scrapbook of Criminals circa 1900.