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The Story Of Us Learning Tool

The Story of Us: The Pikes Peak Region from A – Z, allows users to explore the history and geography of the area using 21st Century technology. Open a letter from A – Z and learn about the people, places and events that make our region unique. Navigate dynamic maps that allow you to go back in time to understand how neighborhoods, businesses, climate and transportation have shaped our community. Where do you fit in? Come and discover your place in local history.

Looking for tips on how to use this learning tool? In the video below Leah Davis Witherow, Curator of History, explores the many features of our interactive story-telling project that combines artifacts, photographs, stories and dynamic maps to bring history and geography to life!

The learning tool features the following regional history topics:

  • The Antlers Hotel
  • Julia Archibald Holmes (Bloomer Girl)
  • Coal
  • Soap Box Derby
  • Elvira
  • Fluoridation
  • Goerke
  • Hassel Iron Works
  • Historic Maps
  • International Typographical Union
  • China Jim Bofanda
  • Professor Kerr (Discovery of the theiophytalia kerri dinosaur in Garden of the Gods)
  • Lon Chaney
  • Military
  • Natural Disasters
  • Olympic City USA
  • Poor Farm
  • Public Art
  • Quarry
  • Charles Collins (Riding Master)
  • Sankofa
  • Ski Broadmoor
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Tuberculosis
  • USS Colorado
  • Vallejos Restaurant
  • Water-skiing, X-Marks the Spot
  • “You” (Share your story!)
  • Zoopark

The SOU Learning Tool Features the Following Regional History Topics: The Antlers Hotel, Julia Archibald Holmes (Bloomer Girl), Coal, Soap Box Derby, Elvira, Fluoridation, Goerke, Hassel Iron Works, Historic Maps, International Typographical Union, China Jim Bofanda, Professor Kerr (Discovery of the theiophytalia kerri dinosaur in Garden of the Gods), Lon Chaney, Military, Natural Disasters, Olympic City USA, Poor Farm, Public Art, Quarry, Charles Collins (Riding Master), Sankofa, Ski Broadmoor, Tesla, Tuberculosis, USS Colorado, Vallejos Restaurant, Water-skiing, X-Marks the Spot, “You” (Share your story!), Zoopark.

K-12 Lesson Plans

Click below to access 12 lesson plans developed in partnership with the Colorado Geographic Alliance and a team of Pikes Peak regional educators. The lessons guide teachers on the use of the museum exhibit and online components, developing mapping exercises, and creating annotated resource sets. Thank you to the educators that partnered with the museum to create the lessons featured on this site!