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Charles C. Pauly Collection

Extent: 1 cubic foot

Finding Aid Prepared By: Pamela S. Garrett, July 2002

Provenance: Donated by Mary Campbell in December 1995

Arrangement: No original order could be established so materials have been placed in an imposed order.

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The Charles C. Pauly Collection
The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Biographical Note: Charles C. Pauly was born on June 20, 1832 in Virginia, one of many children born to Lewis Pauly and Elizabeth (Hodge) Pauly. In 1850, Charles’ mother passed away leaving his father a widower until August 28, 1851 at which time he married Harriet H. Benson.

As an adult, from approximately 1884 until 1898, Charles resided in Monmouth, Kansas. In 1898 Charles, with brothers Stephen and James, moved to Victor, Colorado where he stayed for at least one and a half years before returning to Monmouth, Kansas in 1900. During this year he also lived in Howard, Missouri and Cherokee, Kansas. By 1902 he could be found residing in Pittsburg, Kansas

Series Description

I. Charles C. Pauly

  • A. Personal Correspondence
  • B. Business and Finance Related Materials
  • C. Family Records
  • D. Ephemera
  • E. Miscellaneous Materials


I. Charles C. Pauly

Scope note: The Charles C. Pauly Collection contains the material of Charles C. Pauly alone. This collection includes correspondences and materials relating solely to his personal life. While the bulk of the collection consists of letters pertaining to his private life, from friends and family, there are a few references to his business and finances included.

A. Personal Correspondence

Scope note: These letters give the researcher a remarkable view into the private life of Charles Pauly. His social interactions and relationships with acquaintances, friends and family provide an incredible representation of what his life was like during these time periods.

(I)A:1-1 Letters from Charles C. Pauly nd

(I)A:1-2 Letters 1850-1858

(I)A:1-3 Letters 1860-1869

(I)A:1-4 Letters 1870-1879

(I)A:1-5 Letters 1880-1885

(I)A:1-6 Letters 1886-1889

(I)A:1-7 Letters 1890-1893

(I)A:1-8 Letters 1894-1899

(I)A:1-9 Letters 1900

(I)A:1-10 Letters nd

(I)A:1-11 Empty Addressed Envelopes various dates

(I)A:1-12 Calling and Greeting Cards nd

B. Business and Finance Related Materials

Scope note: This sub-series consists of a small amount of material pertaining to Charles Pauly’s finances.

(I)B:1-1 Diary/Account Books 1852-1899

(I)B:1-2 Receipts, Promissory Notes, Cards and Correspondence nd

C. Family Records

Scope note: This sub-series includes vital statistics information as well as records pertaining to any real property.

(I)C:1-1 Births, Deaths and Marriages nd

-includes papers copied out of the family bible

-one death notice

-one marriage announcement

(I)C:1-2 Real Estate October 4, 1853

-letter from County Clerk to Sheriff,

(Augusta County, Virginia)

D. Ephemera

Scope note: The Ephemera sub-series contains a variety of printed materials most of which provide the researcher with a look at current events by way of newspaper clippings. It also supplies information pertaining to Charles Pauly’s personal interests in literature and poems. Included are recipes and other handwritten information of use in his daily existence.

(I)D:1-1 Printed Materials nd

-newspapers and miscellaneous literature

(I)D:1-2 Recipes, Poems and How-to-Hints nd

E. Miscellaneous Materials

Scope note: This sub-series includes material of either unknown origin and/or date. There is an interesting oral interview with Mr. Ward Curtis of Colorado Springs, but this mainly speaks to the relationship of his father and Charles C. Pauly’s younger brothers, Stephen and James. Mr. Curtis did not personally know Charles, he only knew of him.

(I)E:1-1 Photograph nd

-unknown individual

(I)E:1-2 Military Paper 1862

-unknown origin

(I)E:1-3 Ward Curtis Interview October 15,1995


The Pioneer Museum has in its possession one cubic foot of the personal correspondence and other related materials of one, Charles C. Pauly. We believe your repository would make a better home for this collection as Mr. Pauly was a resident of your area for most of his adult life.

Vital statistics obtained from genealogical material in the Pauly Collection, tell us that Mr. Pauly was born on June 20, 1832 in Virginia, one of many children. As an adult he later resided in Monmouth, Kansas (1884-1898) before traveling to Victor, Colorado to live for at least one but no more than two years before returning to Monmouth, where he can be found in 1900. Several postmarked envelopes tell us that he also lived in Howard, Missouri and Cherokee, Kansas during this time. However the last of the dated materials found in the collection places him in Pittsburg, Kansas in 1902.

The collection contains correspondence of a personal nature as well as some business and financial dealings spanning 50 years (1850 – 1900). It includes but is not limited to:

  • An excellent account of his voyage from New York to California written in 1855. In this letter, Mr. Pauly describes not only the landscape of Central America and the variety of marine life visible from the ship but the social interaction of the passengers, both good and bad.
  • A few letters referencing Civil War activities in Virginia. These letters originate from both friends and family on the home front as well as the conflict participants on the battlefield.
  • A couple letters written by women and of a more personal nature.
  • One letter written by Mr. Pauly’s sister expressing her misery and the helplessness of her situation (i.e. a female in the 1800s).

The collection also consists of a few diary/account books (1852-1899), receipts and promissory notes, in addition to miscellaneous printed material and one photograph.