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L. E. Ellinwood Collection

Extent: Approx. 7 cubic feet.

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The L. E. Ellinwood Collection
The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

Biography: L. E. Ellinwood (1901-1981)

LeRoy Ellinwood was born in Colorado City, Colorado in 1901. His Father, Otis Leon Ellinwood, worked as a telegraph operator on the Colorado Midland Railroad. His mother, Helen Ellinwood, was the Librarian of the Westside Library from 1917-1930. LeRoy Ellinwood grew up in Colorado Springs and graduated from Colorado Springs High School in 1921. He went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado College in 1925. After his graduation he became a history teacher and principle in Peyton, Colorado. Over the course of his 38 year career he was made principal of a District 11 school and was involved with organizations such as the Denver Westerners and the Ghost Town Club. He was also involved in the El Paso County Courthouse restoration. LeRoy Ellinwood died in 1981 at the age of 80.

The L. E. Ellinwood Collection


Box 1

Topical Files:

(1):1 Bonanza, CO.

(1):2 Boulder County.

(1):3 Buena Vista, CO.

(1):4 Canon City and Cripple Creek Electric Railway Company Bonds.

(1):5 Centennial: Schools, Programs, etc.

  • (1):6 Centennial Tour: Script Notes.
  • (1):7 Centennial Tour : Tickets, etc.
  • (1):8 Colorado Cit : Old Capitol Building.
  • (1):9 Colorado City: Paper, Notes, Dates.
  • (1):10 Colorado Midland Railroad: Clippings and Pamphlets.
  • (1):11 Colorado Midland Railroad: Ephemera.
  • (1):12 Colorado Midland Railroad: Scripts and Notes (1 of 2).

(1):13 Colorado Midland Railroad: Scripts and Notes (2 of 2).

(1):14 Colorado Springs Area Drugstores 1879-1969.

(1):15 Colorado Springs and Manitou Landmark Tour.

(1):16 Colorado Springs Then and Now.

(1):17 Colorado Stories ? Book Reviews, etc. by Maude Davis.

(1):18 Cripple Creek (1 of 2).

(1):19 Cripple Creek (2 of 2).

(1):20 Early History of the Pikes Peak Region.

(1):21 Elections and Politics.

(1):22 Ellinwood Family.

(1):23 Ellinwood, LeRoy ? Colorado College (Removed from folders and books in the the collection).

(1):24 Ellinwood, Leroy ? Colorado Springs High School (Removed from folders and books in the collection).

(1):25 George Birdsall.

(1):26 Ghost Towns ? Maps and Notes.

(1):27 Ghost Towns ? Newsclippings.

(1):28 Ghost Towns – Scripts.

(1):29 Graphics.

(1):30 Heritage Homes and Landmarks.

(1):31 History ? Clippings: Anc, Med, Mod (1 of 2).

(1):32 History – Clippings: Anc, Med, Mod (2 of 2).

(1):33 History ? Colorado.

(1):34 History ? Colorado ? Clippings.

(1):35 History ? Teaching.

(1):36 Leadville.

(1):37 Lt. Pike Story ? Prof. Carter.

(1):38 McShane Fort Monument ? Castle Rock Stories.

(1):39 Mining.

Box 2

Topical Files (cont.):

(2):1 Movies ? Trip; Lake C. Tell. Uravan.

(2):2 Old Capitol Building ? P.P. Region History.

(2):3 Palmer, Queen and H.S. Stories.

(2):4 Panic ? 1893 Paper.

(2):5 Papers Removed from Books in the Collection.

(2):6 Penrose, Spencer.

(2):7 Photographs ? Ellinwood Family S998.186.159-168.

(2):8 Photographs ? Removed from folders and books in the collection.

(2):9 Pikes Peak History ? Monuments.

(2):10 Pikes Peak Region.

(2):11 Pikes Peak Region ? Buildings (1 of 2).

(2):12 Pikes Peak Region ? Buildings (2 of 2).

(2):13 Pikes Peak Region ? Cent (100+) and Young 59?ers Pictures.

(2):14 Pikes Peak Region ? Floods, Storms.

(2):15 Pikes Peak Region ? History.

(2):16 Pikes Peak Region ? Misc.

(2):17 Pikes Peak Region ? Monuments of Historical Significance.

(2):18 Pikes Peak Region ? My Early History.

(2):19 Pikes Peak Region ? People.

(2):21 Pikes Peak Region – Scenic Attractions; Script for slides.

(2):22 Pikes Peak Region ? School Tours.

(2):23 Pikes Peak Region ? Storms.

(2):24 Pikes Peak Region ? Third Grade; Indians, Trappers, etc. Slide program.

(2):25 Postcards ? Removed from folders and books.

(2):26 President Kennedy ? Visit to C.S. and Death.

(2):27 Railroad Timetables.

(2):28 Shortline Railroad.

(2):29 Telluride Paper.

(2):30 World War II.

(2):31 Young 59?ers Act I.

(2):32 Young 59?ers Act II.

(2):33 Young 59?ers ? Correspondence.

(2):34 Young 59?ers ? Plays at BV + 2P ? Letters.

(2):35 Materials from Brown Scrapbook. Brown Scrapbook ? Contains materials pertaining to Colorado Mining towns.

(2):36 Materials from Green Scrapbook. Green Scrapbook ? “Colorado City; Hist. Monuments”.

Box 3


(3):1 Centennial Tour 1972.

(3):2 Colorado City, Colorado Springs.

(3):3 Colorado Springs.

(3):4 Colorado Springs Public School 1969-70; Ghost Towns.

(3):5 Colorado Springs Then and Now.

(3):6 Europa, Vienna, Italy 1968.

(3):7 Ghost Towns of Colorado Springs.

(3):8 Ghost Towns, Duplicates and Extras.

(3):9 Indians, Trappers, Explorers, Goldseekers.

(3):10 London 1968 ? 1990; Statford 1968 – 1970.

(3):11 Midland Pictures.

(3):12 Midland, Colo. 10/1977: R.R. Colo. City to Leadville Sta.

(3):13 Mining Towns of Colorado 1969-1970.

(3):14 New Orleans 1-38; Explorers, Goldseekers, 40-98.

(3):15 Oahu 1966.

(3):16 Pictures of Colorado Springs Hose Company.

(3):17 Pikes Peak Region: Explorers, Goldseekers.

(3):18 Short Line Railroad Memories.

(3):19 Title Slides and Credit; Third Story 1977.

Audio Materials

Audio Cassettes:

  • “____-Toltec RR”.
  • “San Luis ? Sand Dunes”.
  • “Boyhood Memories of Old Colorado City”.
  • “Catherine Hinson(?) Interview ? Colo. City”.
  • “Colo. City Tour”
  • “Colorado Springs: Then and Now”.
  • “C.S. Landmarks (copy 1)”.
  • “D&RG No. 476”.

“Sounds of Steam Locomotives”.

“Illinois Central Yard Sounds”.

  • “El Greco, Granada”.

“Spain, Gibralter, Seville”.

  • “Explorers and Goldseekers (Pikes Peak Region)”.
  • “Explorers and Goldseekers (Pikes Peak Region)”.
  • “Ghost T. Trips”.
  • “Ghost Towns in Colorado”.

“Western Songs”.

  • “Goldseekers”.
  • “Indians and Trappers (Pikes Peak Region)”.
  • “Indians and Trappers (Pikes Peak Region)”.
  • “Jeanne’s P.E.O. Talk”.

“Mrs. Kitch ? Monument Valley Rocks, Etc.”.

  • “Midland and Narrow Gauge”.

“Mexico Part 2, Cortez and Monteg___”.

  • “Mining Towns, Colo.”
  • “New Orleans, Apr. 1972”.
  • “New ? Song: I?ve been Colo. Mid. to Busk Side”.

“Ivanhoe ? Hell Gate”.

  • “Portugal, Lisbon”.


  • “Santa Fe ? LA to Barstow”.
  • “Short Line Railroad”.
  • “Short Line Railroad Memories”.
  • “Short Line Railroad Memories (Copy 2)”.
  • “Short Line Story”.

Reel to Reel Tapes:

“Cripple Creek” (7″).

“Mining Towns” (5″).

“Ghost Towns” (5″).


The Cathedral of the Royal City of the Holy Faith of Saint Frances. Fr. Angelico Chavez. S998.186.115.

A Centennial Calendar for Colorado Springs: 1976. Harvey Lewis Carter. S998.186.110.

The Era of Indian Demoralization. Archer Butler Hulbert. S998.186.129.

The Evergreens of Colorado. Burton O. Longyear. S998.186.91.

Famous Places in the United States. Frederic J. Haskin. S998.186.89.

Furbearers of Colorado. Jack D. Remington. S998.186.51.

Heath’s Modern Language Series: Key to Heath’s First Spanish Course. E. C. Hills and J. D. M. Ford. S998.186.34.

May We Remember: A Two -Act Play About Education. Allan E. Sloane. S998.186.112.

Mountaineers. Theodore Lockwood, ed. S998.186.131.

Our Trip to the Zoo. (2 copies). Don G. Davis, ed. S998.186.44, S998.186.54.

Pearl Harbor Story. Captain William T. Rice. S998.186.49.

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac: Identification, Precautions, Eradication. Donald M. Crooks and Dayton L. Klingman. S998.186.80.

Prairie Schooners West. Mildred Houghton Comfort. S998.186.80.

Presidents of the United States. John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. S998.186.46.

Reader’s Digest Reading Skill Builder Part 2. Lillian Moore and Lillian Mastrotto. S998.186.33.

Reflections of Our Literary Heritage. Walter Blair, et. al. S998.186.95.

See and Ski in Colorado. Wallace L. Labaw. S998.186.118.

The Seven Joys of Reading. Mary Wright Plumber. S998.186.113.

Survival Manual. Hunter Saffey, ed. S998.186.52.

Teacher’s Guide and Key for America’s March Toward Democracy and The Pupil’s Workbook

of Directed Study. Harold Rugg and James E. Mendenhall. S998.186.35.

Teacher’s Guide and Key for The Conquest of America and The Pupil’s Workbook of Directed

Study. Harold Rugg and James E. Mendenhall. S998.186.36.

That Word “Idaho”. Erl H. Ellis. S998.186.94.

Un-endangered Species: The Succes of Wildlife Management in North America. Colorado Division of Wildlife. S998.186.47.

Us: A Presentation of Americanism. James A. Moss. S998.186.93.

Washington’s “Tour to the Ohio” and Articles of “The Mississippi Company.” George Washington. S998.186.132.

Box 4

Colorado Midland Route Map.

Colorado Springs High School Diploma for LeRoy Ellinwood.

The Lever 1920 (2 copies). Colorado Springs High School Yearbook. S998.186.142, S998.186.143.

The Lever 1921. Colorado Springs High School Yearbook. S998.186.144.

Newsclipping Scrapbook.

Pikes Peak Nugget 1924. Colorado College Yearbook. S998.186.139.

Pikes Peak Nugget 1925. Colorado College Yearbook. S998.186.140.

Pikes Peak Nugget 1926. Colorado College Yearbook. S998.186.141.

Box 5


The 1959 Brand Book of the Denver Posse of the Westerners. Raymond G. Colwell, Ed. S998.186.126.

The 1960 Brand Book: Vol. 16 of the Denver Posse of the Westerners. Guy M. Henderson. S998.186.124.

Changing Colorado Book I. Jean Pierpoint and Rhoda Wilcox. S998.186.15.

Changing Colorado Book II. Jean Pierpoint and Rhoda Wilcox. S998.186.21.

Changing Colorado Book III. Jean Pierpoint and Rhoda Wilcox. S998.186.20.

Cripple Creek Days. Mabel Barbee Lee. S998.186.121.

The Denver Westerners Brand Book 1962. John J. Lipsey, Ed. S998.186.125.

Directed History Study Book Two: A Student’s Workbook in American History. Charles C. Scheck and M. Althea Orton. S998.186.134.

High in the Rockies. Maude Linstrom Frandsen. S998.186.65.

Keeping Arithmetic Meaningful (2 copies). Colorado State Dept. of Education. S998.186.56, S998.186.57.

The New World and It’s Growth. J. G. Meyer. S998.186.128.

New York Illustrated. Manhattan Card Publishing Co. S998.186.50.

The Pikes Peak Region Long Ago. Virginia McConnell. S998.186.133.

The Pikes Peak Region Today. Virginia McConnell. S998.186.19.

Red Shirt. Virginia McConnell. S998.186.117.

The Romance of the Spanish Peaks. Louis B. Sporleder. S998.186.114.

The Story of Colorado. Arthur Chapman. S998.186.127.

This is Colorado. The Denver Post. S998.186.150.

Vol. 20 of the Brand Book of the Denver Westerners. Guy M. Herstrom. S998.186.123.

Box 6

Newspapers (1905-1961):

  • The Leon Reporter, Aug. 3, 1905.
  • The Evening Telegraph, Nov. 9, 1918.

“Kaiser William Has Abdicated”.

  • The Evening Telegraph Extra, Nov. 11, 1918.

“World War Ends at 6:00 A.M.”.

  • Colorado Springs Gazette, Nov.11, 1918.

“Armistice Signed”.

  • The Evening Telegraph, Nov. 11, 1918.

“Germany Abandons Her Dream of World Rule”.

  • The Evening Telegraph, Jan. 6, 1919.

“Roosevelt Dies While Asleep”.

  • Colorado Springs Gazette, Feb.4, 1924.

“Woodrow Wilson Passes Away in Sleep”.

  • The Rocky Mountain News, Jan. 26, 1934 ? March 4, 1934.

“Here is the War!”.

  • The Evening Telegraph, Nov. 4, 1936.

“Ballot Avalanche Sweeps Roosevelt to Landslide Victory in 46 States”.

  • Gazette and Telegraph, Nov. 30, 1941.

“When Cattle Roamed the Ute Pass Area….”.

  • Colorado Springs Gazette, Dec. 8, 1941.

“Japs War on U.S. and Allies Thruout Western Pacific”.

  • Gazette and Telegraph, Dec. 6, 1942.

“Navy Reveals Huge Losses at Pearl Harbor”.

  • Colorado Springs Gazette, June 6, 1944 (2 copies).

“Invasion of Europe Started”.

  • Colorado Springs Gazette, Nov. 8, 1944.

“Roosevelt Elected For Another Term”.

  • The Oregonian, April 13, 1945.

“Roosevelt Summoned By Death”.

  • Colorado Springs Gazette, April 13, 1945.

“Death Claims President Roosevelt in Warm Springs”.

  • The Evening Telegraph, April 14, 1945.

“Nation Pays Roosevelt Last Tribute”.

  • The Oregonian, May 8, 1945.

“Nazis Surrender Unconditionally”.

  • The Evening Telegraph, Aug 15, 1945.

“Victory Over Crushed Japan Brings Era of Peace to War-Weary World”.

  • Gazette Telegraph, Jan. 18, 1950.

“Fire Claims Two Lives”.

  • The Free Press, July 17, 1952.

“City to Have 225 – Car Parking Lot”.

  • The Free Press, July 18, 1952.

“Partial Steel Seizure Plan Studied”.

  • The Free Press, May 21, 1955.

Vacation Edition.

  • The Free Press, May 22, 1955.

“Summer Fun”.

  • Gazette Telegraph, May 20, 1956.

“This Vacation it’s the Pikes Peak Region and The Zebulon Pike Sesquicentennial Celebration”.

  • Gazette Telegraph, Jan. 20, 1961.

“Kennedy Sworn in as 35th President”.

  • The Denver Post, Jan. 22, 1961.

Inaugural Section

  • The Billings Gazette, May 27, 1961.

“The Custer Story”.

Box 7

Newspapers (1962-1986):

The Free Press, Dec. 14, 1962.
“Special Ceremonies Slated Today for Placement of Time Capsule”.

The Falconews, June 5, 1963 (2 copies).
“Chief Executive Speaks Here Today”.

Gazette Telegraph, Nov. 22, 1963.
“Assassin Kills Kennedy”.

The Free Press, Nov. 23, 1963 (2 copies).
“President Slain”.

The Denver Post, Nov. 23, 1963.
“Johnson Takes Reins”.

The Free Press, Nov. 28, 1963.
“World Hails LBJ Speech”.

Gazette Telegraph, April 16, 1964.
“General MacArthur Dies”.

Gazette Telegraph, June 17, 1965.
“Tornado, Flood, Smash Palmer Lake”.

The Free Press, June 17, 1965.
“Tornado Hits Palmer Lake”.

Gazette Telegraph, June 18, 1965 (2 copies).
“Tornados, Floods, Continue to Plague Pikes Peak Region”.

The Free Press, June 18, 1965.
“Storms Stagger Region”.

The Free Press, June 19, 1965 (2 copies).
“Storm Spreading Havoc”.

Gazette Telegraph, June 19, 1965.
“Carson Men Aid Victims of Flood”.

The Denver Post, June 20, 1965.

Empire Magazine, July 4, 1965.
“Men for the Academy”.

The Free Press, March 29, 1969.
“Ike’s Fond Time Spent in Colorado”.

The Free Press, June 5, 1969.
“Military ? Industrial Complex is Defended by Nixon at Academy”.

The Free Press, July 21, 1969.
“Man’s Giant Leap: 2 Walk on Moon”.

The Free Press, July 25, 1969.
“Moon Landing Culmination of Man’s Historic Effort”.

The Free Press, April 14, 1970.
“Apollo in Trouble”.

The Free Press, April 15, 1970.
“Apollo Heads Home”.

Colorado Springs Sun, July 9, 1972.
“Centennial/Progress 1872/1972”.

Colorado Springs Sun, July 9, 1972.
Silhouette Magazine, “100 Years of Religion in Colorado Springs”.

Colorado Springs Sun, Jan. 23, 1973.
“Heart Fails LBJ at 64”.

Colorado Springs Sun, Jan. 24, 1973.
“Peace! Cease ? Fire Announced”.

Colorado Springs Sun, Jan. 26, 1973.
“Longest War Draws to a Close”.

Colorado Springs Sun, Aug. 9, 1974.
“Nixon Quits”.

Colorado Springs Sun, May 9, 1976.
“Official Pikes Peak Region Bicentennial Calendar”.

Colorado’s Centennial Calendar of Events.
Colorado Springs Sun, Feb. 28, 1986.
“Sun’s Last Issue”.