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The Sachs Foundation

In 1903, businessman Henry Sachs came to Colorado Springs to cure his tuberculosis. Of Jewish descent and alert to discrimination, he created a charitable fund to help local Blacks receive tuberculosis treatment. Starting in 1927, Sachs paid the Colorado College tuition of Effie Stroud. After graduating cum laude in 1931, Stroud could not find professional work in Colorado Springs. When Sachs discovered her working as a domestic servant, he arranged for her to receive a Rosenwald Fellowship to study library science at the Hampton Institute in Virginia.

– From the CSPM Curator of History

October 15, 1903, Henry and Ray Sachs arrived in Colorado Springs and took up residence at the Antlers Hotel. He came to Colorado Springs for treatment of tuberculosis. He began his recovery by becoming involved in business and civic opportunities. He also undertook many charitable and civic oriented philanthropies as well.

Henry Sachs was a successful businessman. His fortune came from his investment in the Gillette Safety Razor Company. In Colorado Springs, he created the Three Eagles Company which was the holding company for what becomes later the largest residential area, known as Ivywild. He invested his money in people and causes for the betterment of people’s lives.

In a time when social and racial boundaries were clearly defined, Sachs’ vision for people’s welfare were considered ahead of its time. Being Jewish, Mr. Sachs understood the difficulties of being different and the importance of education in erasing those difficulties. He experienced discrimination and understood the impact on people’s lives. While he prospered in business, he never ceased to help others. His philanthropical activities were especially notable in the Jewish and Black communities.

In 1931 with help of Rev K.D. Stroud and his wife Lulu, he established the Sachs Foundation of Colorado Springs for Negro Welfare. He was the first president of the Foundation. Sachs stated, “I don’t think there’s any better was to spend money than by investing in people. If you want them to be successful, to contribute in some way to society, education is the key.” The intended purpose of the Foundation was to recognize the injustices of the past.

The Sachs Foundation is for the use by the Black community in the State of Colorado. The qualifying criteria:

  • A Black high school student in their senior year,
  • A full-time Colorado resident for a minimum of five years. Residence due to military orders to
    Colorado may be accepted on a case by case basis,
  • Have attained a cumulative, weighted GPA of at least 3.0 through your last completed term,
  • Scholarships renewable each semester with a 3.0 average or higher for 4 year program.

Since 1931, more than 5000 students have benefited from the scholarships of the Foundation. They have become leaders in communities throughout the US.

Henry Sachs was a man of vision and commitment to diversity at a time when it was most needed.

Generously Submitted by Jim Sciegel, CSPM Volunteer Educator

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