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Pikes Peak Regional History , Sesquicentennial

In honor of Colorado Springs’ upcoming sesquicentennial anniversary, the CSPM is excited to unveil its newest exhibit, COS@150, to the public on Saturday, January 30, 2021. This robust exploration of our community’s history and culture will feature 150 objects, illuminating 150 stories, commemorating 150 years.

The COS@150 gallery will include the people, places and events that helped shape Colorado Springs. Objects on exhibit will range widely in age, size and format in order to engage, surprise and inform both residents and visitors alike. The stories featured will be drawn from our vast archives, collections, and members of our community.

For example, the first artifact collected for this groundbreaking exhibit was donated by local resident Frank Macon. Raised in Colorado Springs, Macon’s, “…sights were always set firmly on the clouds.” As a teenager he worked at the Spruce Street Garage to pay for flying lessons, later serving with the Civil Air Patrol. He eventually enlisted in the Army Air Corps and headed to flight training and college at the Tuskegee Institute. His distinctive red Tuskegee Airman jacket represents his unflappable determination to achieve his dreams and his courage to serve his country.

Frank in his Tuskegee flight suit. Courtesy of
Frank Macon wearing his Tuskeegee colors.
Franklin Macon wearing his Tuskeegee colors. Courtesy of
Frank Macon Tuskegee Airman Jacket  and Pin
Frank Macon Tuskegee Airman Jacket and Pin

Anniversaries provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future. As we look back on our shared history, there are countless examples of dynamic people, pivotal events, and both triumphs and challenges which make our story unique. As we look forward into the future, how will this understanding of our past influence the decisions we make? What do you think our next 150 years will look like? Should look like?

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The CSPM is following local and state guidelines to protect visitors, volunteers and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We highly encourage you to reserve your free tickets to visit the Museum and see this new exhibit.

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