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History Education in a Virtual World

Meg Poole, CSPM Programs Coordinator

Each fall the Museum welcomes thousands of K-12 students through our doors. We relish in every opportunity to make meaningful connections, spark “ah-ha!” moments, and create lasting memories. In light of the pandemic the new school season looks a lot different. In the midst of this “new normal,” the education team has found creative ways to connect to local schools and support teachers and parents alike in their social studies endeavors.  

Virtual Fieldtrips

While we miss the sight of bright yellow buses pulling up to the Museum, we are thrilled to be able to use digital resources to continue connect with students. We offer three virtual field trip options that can be adapted to different grade levels. We will also work with classrooms to customize programs. On a recent program, we provided a history of Tuberculosis in the Pikes Peak region and an interactive experience of a patient’s experience for 60 7th and 8th graders from Widefield School District 3. Student’s also considered how this history relates to our own experiences with COVID-19.

"The virtual field trip was a fantastic experience for my students as they were provided with relevant information and multiple opportunities for engagement. It was my goal that students gain an understanding of the impact of the tuberculosis pandemic in the Pikes Peak Region and the presentation certainly met and exceeded that expectation! Students enjoyed analyzing images and participating by sharing their answers in the meeting chat feature. By scheduling interruptions to simulate regimented care routines, students had a fun way to think about what structured care would be like. There was a positive flow of energy and interest, even from a distance, that made for a very enriching virtual field trip!"

Sally Johnson, Janitell Junior High

Learning Resources

The Museum is working diligently to develop lessons and activities. Recently, the Palmer High School History Department requested a lesson examining the life of our city founder, General William Jackson Palmer. Informational videos featuring CSPM Curator of History, Leah Davis Witherow, accompanied by a student activity guide helps students test assumptions, challenge myths and gain new insights into Palmer and his family. 

Portrait Photo of Programs Coordinator, Meg Poole.

Meg Poole, CSPM Programs Coordinator

Additional resources, activities and lessons can be found on the Museum’s website. Last month, we launched four new self guided grade level packets for families to use on their visitor. We encourage for you to check back for new materials. 

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