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A New Way to Explore History on the Go

Since 2017, the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (CSPM) has encouraged in person and online visitors to utilize interactive maps to learn about the people, places and events in the Story of Us: Pikes Peak Region A Through Z  exhibit and digital interface

“We wanted visitors to see where stories took place in the landscape and collaborated with Kevin Knapp from Tierra Plan and Dr. John Harner, Professor of Geography, from UCCS to combine history and geography. Now, people can learn about these stories in the physical environment with their mobile device. Knowing where a story happened provides a deeper connection to it."

Director Matt Mayberry pointing to a touchscreen in the Story of Us exhibit.
Director Matt Mayberry sharing the "Story of Us" Exhibit Digital Interface in 2017.

Story of Us allows online visitors to access the CSPM’s collection as an evergreen encyclopedia of Pikes Peak regional history. The Museum prioritizes preservation and access to its collection of over 70,000 artifacts and over 6,000 cubic feet of archival materials. In an effort to best care for our collection, only a small portion of objects is on display at any given time. By creating an online interactive storytelling platform, the CSPM has a space to share artifacts, archival materials and stories online for users to explore while providing the best collections care. This innovative project began in 2017 when the Museum opened the physical Story of Us A Through Z exhibit with 26 themes. Now, we are able to expand.

A black and white photo or a man, Floyd K. Lindstrom in a military uniform. Lindstrom an American World War II hero. This photo was taken in 1942 when Lindstrom was a PFC (Private First Class)

PFC Floyd K. Lindstrom

"F is for Floyd Lindstrom" was the latest addition to the "Story of Us" interactive digital platform.

Launching January 30, Story of Us Mobile experience will continue the Museum’s vision to increase access to its collection.  Anyone can pull out their mobile device to explore the history around them– a family in a park, a visitor searching for fun activities Downtown, or a teacher looking for ways to bring the Museum to their students. 

This experience will encourage users to engage in history tours, a “then and now” feature that shows historic and contemporary photos, and more. Story of Us Mobile is part of the CSPM’s commemoration of the City of Colorado Springs Sesquicentennial (150th) Anniversary.  

“The Story of Us Mobile" is a great way to interactively explore Colorado Springs and its history. It brings the resources of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and the expertise of its outstanding staff right to your phone so you can access them anywhere.

"The Story of Us" has evolved considerably over the last six years. What started as a single interactive touch-display at the museum, is now a robust digital curation platform with multiple user interfaces and an infinitely scalable database. The museum has a growing digital archive with thousands of items that can be easily shared with the public in ways that were not possible a few years ago. This platform is bridging the digital divide and massively expanding their reach in the Pikes Peak region. This is the future of curating history and the CSPM is pulling way ahead of the game.

"The Story of Us" Mobile is generously supported by the Margaret and Al Hill Family Foundation.