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Volunteer of the Month

Diane Barber Stine, Development Director

It is a beginning of a New Year. The CSPM Staff, Board of Directors and Foundation will be saying a heartfelt goodbye to several dedicated volunteers. These volunteers served on the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum Board and Foundation Board. Both of these entities are compromised of passionate and committed members of our community that help support the museum operations now and for future generations. The staff want to take a moment to share their stories and thank them for their generous service over the years. 

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum Board

Jennifer Malenky, Director of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships, Colorado Early Colleges

Jennifer began volunteering with the museum in August 2014. Since then, she has made a significant impact at the CSPM in several leadership roles as the Fundraising Committee Chair, Vice President and President. As a “near native” she has had a love for local history since moving to Colorado Springs at the age of 11. She was thrilled to be able to use her skills and passion to contribute to our work. She shared these interests with her family over the years.

“I have enjoyed bringing my son Max to many programs and events over the years, Festival of Lights Family Fun Days and the Bent’s Old Fort exhibit have been highlights as has a tour of the clock tower.”

The CSPM appreciates her generous leadership and service of the years. Jennifer plans to continue bringing her family to the Museum. 

Bill Nelson, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP

When Bill and his wife Laura moved to Colorado Springs in 2009, Bill wanted to get involved in the community. As a lover of history or “history nerd”, he was very interested in the Museum and immediately wanted to get involved. Bill served for the Museum as a member of the Museum Advisory Board. He brought his knowledge of law and nonprofit governance to help create the current 501 (c) 3 nonprofit to support museum operations. During his service, he also led the board as the Vice President and President on the Board in 2016 and 2017. The CSPM staff is excited the Bill will continue to be involved by being a part of the CSPM Foundation Board.  

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum Foundation Board

Sam Eppley, Owner of Sparrowhawk

As a local of Colorado Springs, Sam has the fond memories of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. His father was involved in saving the 1903 El Paso County Courthouse that eventually housed the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. He has served on the CSPM’s Foundation Board as Treasurer for the past six years. 

“As a Pioneers Museum volunteer, I am most taken with the ability of Matt and his staff, and their genuine love for the museum and its visitors. Superbly handling this year of COVID, with great leadership and a positive attitude. They have managed the budget and excelled at fundraising, all while keeping staff  and visitors safe. They instigated new and creative programs and are positioning the museum for a successful 2021 and the city Sesquicentennial. An incredible job, in the most challenging times.” 

The CSPM staff is excited to announce that Sam will continue to be involved as a member of the CSPM Board of Directors. 

Susan Bradt Laabs

Susan has volunteered at the Museum since 2011, serving on both the Board of Directors and the Foundation Board. With her former experience in the banking industry, she brought her expertise to help managing the CSPM’s Foundation financials. 

“It is always fascinating to learn about the lives, hopes and aspirations of those who came before us and to image our part in the fabric of our community’s history. It is a privilege to work alongside our amazing staff and volunteers to preserve and share our history.”

Susan is stepping down from the CSPM Foundation, but will continue to serve as the CSPM Board of Directors Treasurer.

Headshot of Jon Medved, former CSPM Foundation Board Member.

Jon Medved

Jon has served on both the CSPM Board and the Foundation Board for several years. He calls himself a great fan of history and a great fan of Colorado Springs. The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum was the perfect melding of his two passions. 

“One of my most impactful memories was when I was involved on the Board of the Myron Stratton Home. We had a lot of papers and artifacts relating to Winfield Scott Stratton. The Board decided for some to go to the Mining Museum, but most of the collection went to the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. We were impressed by Matt’s leadership and the professionalism of the staff in handling these materials. This encouraged me to get involved with the Museum as a volunteer.” 

Although Jon is stepping down from the Foundation Board, he will still be involved as a member of the Clock Tower Society to continue provide long-term support in accomplishing the Museum’s future. 

Diane Barber Stine, CSPM Development Director

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