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CSPM Volunteer Collections from Home

Meg Poole, CSPM Programs Coordinator
Throughout the month of May we asked out volunteers to share their personal collections. Even though we could not visit and explore the objects in museums, Historic Preservation Month was an excellent to opportunity  for us to reflect on the items we hold most precious from the comfort of our own homes. Volunteers shared memories of travels, inspiration from nature, accomplishments, and so much more. We hope you will take some time to reflect on the objects that you treasure in your home. 

I have a collection of seed pods-A seed pod is just a seed container for the seeds a plant produces. It's located inside or just behind the flower (reproductive organ) of the plant. After the flower withers, the pod is left behind. The collection started on a Galveston beach when I picked up a hard smooth object that looked like a hamburger bun. I was intrigued and began picking up other pods as I came across them over the years. They're normally stored in a decorative jar for display. Next steps, now I need to identify them.


Over the past few years, I have accumulated thousands of postcards. Initially starting as a fun way to communicate with my friends and extended family, prior to having my own phone, I found postcards to be the best way to have fun on trips with my family. Eventually, my fascination with postcards turned into a habit and I was hooked! Not only are they cost-effective for people who want a cheap souvenir from a trip or place they have visited, but postcards also come in a variety of cool shapes, sizes, and materials. I have quite the conglomerate of postcards, ranging from locations locally, nationally, and internationally, different textures, color schemes, shapes- the varying factors are endless! Primarily, I store my postcard collection in six boxes, similar in size and shape to the box featured in the picture. I enjoy collecting postcards because they offer a glimpse into all the wonders of the world at (virtually) no cost to me!


I collect coffee mugs. My mugs represent my career, my hobbies, my travels, and my passions. I have received some as awards, some as gifts and some have been purchased as souvenirs. My mugs are on rotating display in my kitchen and in constant use. Because each is unique, you'll never be served soup or a hot beverage at my house from a matched set! I use them all the time and no special care is needed. If one becomes chipped (sad day), it's destined to become a pencil cup. The mugs remind me of the happy experiences represented by the inscriptions on the mugs.


I started collecting in 2005 when I was 12. Every place I travel to (or my friends/family travel) to I get a shot glass to commemorate the trip. My collection is made up of just over 50 glasses from various states with a few novelty collector items thrown in such as Sons of Anarchy, Suicide Squad, Batman, and Nightmare Before Christmas. I keep them all displayed on the headboard of my bed and I dust them off every few weeks. They are super easy to care for! My goal is to own one from every single state & I still have a ways to go! It's kind of my own private "rule" of sorts: I do not let anyone buy me any shot glasses from Colorado because I live here & I want to get those myself. So far, I have 8 or 9 Colorado glasses!


I started collecting magnets as travel souvenirs when the cloth badges went out of style. (I did collect those too but they're not so easy to display) My refrigerator makes an excellent "scrap book" so I can enjoy being reminded of the places I've visited every time I go for the milk.

Portrait Photo of Programs Coordinator, Meg Poole.

Meg Poole, CSPM Programs Coordinator

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