August Volunteer of the Month: Sandra Meagher - CSPM

August Volunteer of the Month: Sandra Meagher

Sandra Meagher is proof that volunteers can have a tremendous impact in a short amount of time. When Diane Stine, Development Director asked her to join the Fundraising Committee at the beginning of 2020, she immediately hit the ground running.

“Sandra wanted to wait until her work and scheduling conflicts allowed her to dedicate more time to the Fundraising Committee. However between January and May, I was impressed how she would check in with me to learn about the Museum’s fundraising strategies and discuss on how she could use her knowledge and skills to help the CSPM raise critical support. I really appreciate the enthusiasm and energy that Sandra brings to the fundraising committee and look forward to seeing how she will continue to make an impact at the CSPM in the future.” — Diane Stine, Development Director

Sandra was interested in joining the Fundraising Committee in order to help raise support to keep the museum accessible for everyone. “When you consider what it all entails, the museum, the exhibits, the curation… our museum is a steward and a custodian of our local history. Exhibits are masterfully crafted displaying diverse and significant aspects of our history. The significance is granted not exclusively to historical people of prominence, but also to the common person, of various cultural backgrounds. It must be an extraordinary amount of work to produce these exhibits and in turn make history more accessible to us… How fortunate we are in Colorado Springs to have a museum of this caliber dedicated to our local story. ” 

"The Pioneer’s Museum inspires me. That’s an elusive feeling. When you’re lucky enough to be inspired, you know to dig deeper."

Sandra Meagher

Sandra loves exploring and delving into local history.  Recently, Sandra was drawn in by the stories shared in [Dis]Information: American Indians through the Lens of Roland Reed. “Mr. Reed was passing through Colorado Springs and had an unfortunate accident. The year was 1934. He reportedly slipped on a banana peel, sustaining life ending injuries. The first thought that comes to mind is…seriously, a banana peel? The second thought soon follows….a banana peel, in 1934? From where, when, and how were bananas first imported to Colorado? And that’s how it begins, isn’t it? A good story takes you in unanticipated directions.”

Congratulations Sandra and thank you for all you do for the museum!