Donor Spotlight: CSNA Architects - CSPM

Donor Spotlight: CSNA Architects

Diane Barber Stine, Development Director

CSNA Architects (CSNA) was a lead sponsor of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum’s (CSPM) 2023 Gift of History. We asked Principal Architect Gregory M. Friesen to share about the practice and their work in the community.

What is CSNA’s purpose and its involvement in the community?

“Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CSNA has served the Pikes Peak region for 50 years. We take pride in working closely with clients to carefully craft architectural solutions and are committed to making a difference in our community. Before we take on a project, we ask ourselves the following questions: What is the story? How will this project make an impact? How will the client partner with us? The answers to these questions have led us to work on a variety of projects in Colorado, California, Nevada, Ohio, Illinois, Wyoming, Texas, Kansas, and Minnesota. You have probably seen several projects at the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Archives and Headquarters, Pikes Peak Hill Climb Museum, the National Museum of World War II Aviation, and the CSPM. We have been a longtime supporter of the Museum. In 2020, we donated the services and worked on the Gazebo Preservation Project at the CSPM to rehabilitate the structure for its 100th anniversary.” 

Why do you think the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is important to our community?

“The CSPM serves as an anchor in our community. New residents are constantly moving to Colorado Springs, but they do not feel connected. The CSPM encourages residents and visitors to explore our community’s history and culture. By knowing its history, they feel more connected to this place and are inspired by its potential. Just like CSNA’s projects, we want the practice’s philanthropy to make a difference. We set aside a portion of the revenue to support organizations like the CSPM who are making a significant difference in our community.”

CSNA Architects is providing the architectural designs for the HVAC Renovation. Gregory reflects on this project and how it will transform museum operations,

“Our role in the upcoming renovation project began with an emergency need to replace failing equipment. This initiated discussion about installing a new environmental system to provide fresh air, adjustable temperature and controlled humidity for the museum’s irreplaceable local and regional collections. The end result will be invisible to patrons and visitors yet vital for the protection and preservation of collections for subsequent generations. It is a gift to the future. When completed, we will have tiptoed through the museum and no one will know that we were even there.”

Why did CSNA Architects support the CSPM's Gift of History?

 “CSNA Architects has contributed to the museum’s annual fundraiser for several years. We believe that our lead sponsorship encourages others to support the CSPM’s collections, outreach, and educational programming to ensure that the Museum is a center for community activities and intergenerational learning. We always hope that supporters will be as enthusiastic and generous about the Museum as we are.” 


Thank you, Gregory M. Friesen and CSNA Architects for your generous support! If you are interested in learning more about this practice, visit their website at

Diane Barber Stine, Development Director

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