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Gift of History

On the 25th Anniversary of Colorado Springs, a group of passionate individuals came together to create the El Paso County Pioneers Association.  For 125 years, the CSPM has expanded on its mission to build a lasting connection to the Pikes Peak region by preserving and sharing our cultural history.

For the CSPM’s special anniversary, we hope you will become a part of the CSPM. The Peer-to-Peer Campaign encourages individuals to ask their friends, family and colleagues to support the CSPM. This year, our goal is to raise $80,000 for the CSPM’s exhibits, programs and preservation of its collection by Monday, August 31, 2021.

$121,867 / 80,000

Gift of History 2021

Every year, the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (CSPM) hosts its annual fundraising event to support the Museum’s exhibits, educational programming and preservation of its object and archival collection. Watch a recording of the online event from Thursday, August 26 below: 

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