Sesquicentennial Scholar Series - CSPM

Sesquicentennial Scholar Series

In honor of Colorado Springs’ sesquicentennial anniversary, the CSPM will unveil a new exhibit, COS@150 on Saturday, January 30, 2021. This robust exploration of our community’s history and culture features 150 objects, illuminates 150 stories, commemorates 150 years. Throughout the commemoration year we invite you to explore these stories through a series of regional history lectures.  Explore the 2021 series schedule below!

2021 Scholar Series Schedule

Explore Lectures from the 2021 Scholar Series

Exploring Our Urban Forest presented by Dennis Will and Dr. Christine Bierman

History of Colorado Springs Through Quilts presented by Caitlin Sharpe, CSPM Registrar 

COS@150 Through the Lens of Black History presented by Hillary Mannion, CSPM Archivist 

The Myth vs. Reality of the AdAmAn Club presented by Don Sanborn, Cindy Bowles and Don Kallaus

Explore Lectures from the 2020 Scholar Series

Arts & Crafts Architecture in Colorado Springs presented by Barry Binder

When the Civil War Came West presented by Megan Kate Nelson 

Colorado Springs’ Archaeological Past presented by Presented by Dr. Minette Church and Dr. Karin Larkin

Controversy and Compromise in Colorado Pioneers Monuments presented by Cynthia Culver Prescott

Rise of the Mammals: Colorado Discovery that Rocked the World presented by Dr. Tyler Lyson and Dr. Ian Miller

This Shall be the Land For Women presented by Leah Davis Witherow