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Middle & High School

DAYSOffered Tuesdays-Fridays
NUMBERS10-60 Students (If you have more than 60 students please schedule field trips on two separate days)
GRADESMiddle & High School
CHAPERONESWe require 1 adult chaperone for every 10 students.
START TIME & LENGTHYou may schedule for anytime between 10am and 3pm. The program can be adapted to last between 2-3 hours.

EXHIBIT SPOTLIGHT: [Dis]Information: American Indians Through the Lens of Roland Reed

The exhibit includes dozens of pictorialist photographs of American Indians taken by Roland Reed in the early twentieth century. Reed saw himself as both an artist and an ethnographer; his images are strikingly beautiful but deeply problematic. Reed constructed romantic scenes that situated American Indians in an imagined past versus contemporary reality. The exhibit will encourage visitors to examine the role “retrospective photography” plays in shaping our understanding of American Indians. To accomplish this goal, the CSPM is honored to work with Gregg Deal, Pyramid Lake Paiute, an extraordinary artist whose work challenges misconceptions of indigenous people and asks viewers to reexamine stereotypes. [Dis]Information will include original artwork and commentary by Gregg Deal in addition to contemporary American Indian photographs alongside historic images that celebrate the power and beauty of photography while challenging the assumptions of viewers. [Dis]Information: American Indians Through the Lens of Roland Reed will run from March 30, 2019 – January 5, 2020.

If you are interested in bringing your class to explore this exhibit and participate in a primary source analysis activity please contact Museum Program Coordinator, Meg Poole at or 719-385-5631.


Groups of 10-60 Middle School or High School Students

In this two-hour program, students break into small teams exhibits through a challenging and engaging scavenger hunt. Using inquiry skills, students will draw connections between concepts and themes to get clues for challenges throughout the museum.


  • Explore the contributions of individuals and groups to Colorado Springs history
  • Use historical analysis to identify themes among exhibit artifacts
  • Use photos, artifacts, instruments to support your understanding

CDE Standards:

  • 6th History 1.1c. 7th History 1.1b.  8th History 1.1a. 8th History 1.2b. 6th Geography 2.1c. 6th Geography 2.1d.  7th Geography 2.2d.  8th Geography 2.1a.

High School History

  • 1.1a. 1.2e. 1.2f. 1.2g. 1.2h. 1.3b. 1.3d.

High School Geography

  • 2.1a. 2.1c. 2.3c.