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Hands on History Field Trip Registration (2nd-5th Grade)

Prior to completing the form below please review our HOH19_PRE-VISIT GUIDE. The museum expects that you are fully aware of our policies and procedures. If you have any questions or concerns please resolve these in advance of the field trip to avoid any issues the day of your visit. We have specific guidelines for the size of groups, number of chaperones, final confirmations and more.

The HANDS ON HISTORY program is for students in grades 2nd-5th. If you are planning a visit for a different grade level please visit our school programs page to decide which option is best for your students.


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Please select THREE OR FOUR stations for the Hands on History program option. 2nd grade groups can only do THREE stations. Due to there proximity you cannot choose both This Old House and Trailblazers: City of SunshineCultural CrossroadsHistory DetectivesJourney to Pikes PeakThis Old HouseTrailblazers

Add 30 minutes to the end of program for exploring other exhibits? Your chaperones would lead this portion and must manage behavior. Some teachers will opt out of this time because it is unstructured.
HOH PRE-VISIT GUIDE I read the HOH PRE-VISIT GUIDE and am fully aware of the museum's policies and procedures. If I have any questions or concerns I will resolve these in advance of the field trip to avoid any issues on the day of our visit.


If you experience difficulties with this form, please call or email the Museum Program Coordinator Meg Poole at 719-385-5631 or