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Tuberculosis in the Pikes Peak Region

Lesson: Ida Gwynn Garvin & Nob Hill Lodge

GRADES 3-4 (can be adapted for other grade levels) Full lesson coming soon!

This lesson explores how the treatment of tuberculosis brought important changes to the Pikes Peak region. Using a variety of primary sources such as artifacts, pictures, and documents, students will determine factual information about tuberculosis treatment and experience of a local patient. Students will also compare the experience of people during the tuberculosis era to our experiences today with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lesson Resources

Audio Transcription of Ida Gwynn Garvin Letter

Primary Sources & Analysis Tools

Exhibit Tour: The City of Sunshine

From its founding in 1871, local boosters advertised Colorado Springs as a premier health destination for the treatment of tuberculosis. Our region’s greatest asset-turned-industry was its stunning scenery, abundant sunshine and mild climate.

Historically, at least 1/3 of all visitors to Colorado came in search of a tuberculosis treatment. Once cured, many stayed on in the region to build families and businesses. Many of their contributions to this community are visible today. The City of Sunshine exhibit tells the story of how individuals, institutions, and treatments helped shape the Pikes Peak Region.