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A Home of One’s Own

Pikes Peak Regional History

The Life of Helen Hunt Jackson

Helen Hunt Jackson (1830–1885) was one of the most noteworthy literary figures of the 19th century. As the author of poetry, verse, children’s stories, historical pieces, documentary accounts and a novel, she earned both widespread public acclaim and the respect of her literary peers. Her most productive years as a writer came after she moved to Colorado Springs in 1873, only two years after the town was founded. She completed her most famous works during this period. Included among these are the novel, Ramona, and a work of nonfiction that advocated for American Indian rights, titled A Century of Dishonor. By focusing on key objects in the Jackson Collection the exhibit examines her life, work, friendships, influences and family. It combines an interactive digital display of documents, objects and photographs with a fresh interpretation of her story placed in the gallery outside of the three rooms and her original furnishings of the original Jackson House which have been on display at CSPM for over fifty years. The Jackson house offers a peek into life in Colorado Springs in the 1870’s and 1880’s.

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