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Maude McFerran Price

Maude McFerran Price was as passionate about the preservation of community history as her contemporaries were about founding art museums, libraries, and schools. She served as the volunteer “Curator for Life” of the El Paso County Pioneers’ Association: collecting artifacts, arranging displays, and lobbying the city and county for a building. After decades of tireless work, the former Knights of Columbus hall was purchased, and in 1941 the thousands of artifacts she helped to catalog and collect became property of the City of Colorado Springs.

– From the CSPM Curator of History

Maude McFerran was born in Gallatin, Missouri on February 8, 1864. She came to Colorado Springs in 1873 when the town was only two years old, and lived here 68 years. Maude McFerran Price passed away on March 3, 1941.

She married William W. Price on January 26, 1893 and became one of the leading forces in the grown and intellectual development of the burgeoning town. Maude attended Colorado College, receiving honors in music. In 1907, she wrote the words and music of the song Colorado which became the official song of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Colorado Federation of Women’s clubs. She was actively involved with the Half Century Club, whose members had to have lived in Colorado for 25 years or more.

In the 1890s, Maude became highly involved with the El Paso County Pioneers Association (EPCPA). She was elected president for 10 years and then was named honorary president for life. When the EPCPA undertook the collection of relics for a museum, Mrs. Price was named to take charge. Many of the citizens who were the first settlers to arrive in the region turned over to her articles of priceless historical value. She lobbied the city for decades until they purchased a building to house the museum collection.

The Anne Gates colonial collection was given with the provision that they should not be displayed until a suitable fireproof museum building could be obtained. Price took in donations and filled her home with them until the building at 25 West Kiowa Street was purchased and the collection housed there. The City created the office of assistant curator, and a museum commission also was formed to assist. Mrs. Price gave many of her own things to the museum and established an exhibit of glassware, which she installed in memory of her parents. Before the permanent museum, Price and the EPCPA displayed their many donations in the El Paso County Courthouse, the permanent home of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.

Mrs. Price was president of the Rocky Mountain district of the National Federation of Music Clubs of America. She was regent of the National Society of Colonial Dames, active in D.A.R., and belonged to the Drama League. Maude McFerran Price was tireless in working for the betterment of her city and deserves our thanks.

Generously Submitted by John Orsborn, CSPM Volunteer Educator

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