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Children’s History Hour Field Trip

Groups of up to 60 Kindergarten and 1st graders are invited to participate in our Children’s History Hour Field Trip. Each 1 hour and 45 minute visit visit to the museum includes:

  • Program Introduction
  • Read aloud of age appropriate children’s book
  • Brief tour of an exhibit featuring an activity (i.e. passing around and identifying historic objects)
  • A facilitated craft related to the book and exhibit
  • Optional free play in the “Beads, Blankets, and Buffalo” children’s exhibit


  • Then & Now – How was life different in the past? What kinds of toys did children play with? What tools were used in the kitchen and around the home? How did people get supplies before Walmart and Amazon were invented? We’ll read “The Wheat Doll” by Alison L. Randall, explore regional history exhibits, and make a historic toy to take home. Let’s compare life in the past today. Best for Kindergarten and 1st grade
  • The Colorado Alphabet – “A” is for Antler’s Hotel, “M” is for Manitou, and “T” is Tesla! Let’s discover the ABCs of Colorado Springs and the Centennial State! We’ll read “C is for Centennial: A Colorado Alphabet” and explore our brand new “Story of Us” exhibit.  We will get crafty and create our own letter art celebrating Colorado and our state symbols. Best for 1st grade
  • Are you studying a specific topic in the classroom that you would like to connect to your field trip? Please let us know and we’ll do our best to adapt to your needs!