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2020 Black History Month Program Series

Black History Tours in February

(drop-in, 60 min, no RSVP required)

Since the founding of Colorado Springs in 1871 African Americans have continued to socially, politically, intellectually, culturally, and economically shape the Pikes Peak region.

  • Tuesdays at 1pm, Fridays at 1pm, Saturdays at Noon and 1pm
  • Interested in booking a tour for your group? Call Meg Poole, Program Coordinator at 719-385-5631 or email

Film Screening: Inside Buffalo – They Served America When America Was Not Ready to Serve Them

Thursday, February 27, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

The 92nd Buffalo division was a combat unit that was firstly all African-American and therefore largely segregated because that was the order of the day, particularly during WWII. Nevertheless, despite the segregation, the unit fought with what was classified as outstanding heroism in Italy during the height of the World War II. They were fighting a battle against racial segregation as well.

Film Trailer:

Children’s History Hour: The Great Migration

After the Civil War millions of African Americans left their homes in the South in search of a better life. Explore the stories of individuals and families in Colorado Springs who played many roles in shaping the city we live in today. We’ll read “The Great Migration” by Eloise Greenfield and participate in activities and crafts related to transportation and movement.

Children ages 3-6 and their favorite adult are invited to explore regional history through story time, a family-friendly tour, activity, and craft.

Make a morning of it! After the event learn through play in our interactive “Trade at Bent’s Fort” children’s exhibit or explore the museum with Max the Marmot by picking up a Picture Hunt at the front desk.

  • Wednesday, February 19 at 10:30 – 11:30 am
  • Saturday, February 29 at 10:30 – 11:30 am

Special Exhibits

The Story of Us: “L for Leon Young”

In the museum’s Story of Us: The Pikes Peak Region from A-Z exhibit, navigate to “L” and discover Leon Young, a dedicated war veteran, entrepreneur, successful business owner, Colorado Springs city council member, vice mayor, and this City’s first and only African American Mayor.  

The online exhibit can currently be viewed on The Story of Us site:

Any Place North and West: African Americans in Colorado Springs

The title for the exhibit is drawn from a poem by Langston Hughes, which describes the exodus from the South of millions of African American families following the Civil War. It tells that story from a local perspective by describing what individuals and families found when they arrived in Colorado Springs, the supportive community they created for themselves, and the role they played in shaping the city we live in today.