November Volunteers of the Month: School Outreach Team - CSPM

November Volunteers of the Month: School Outreach Team

The Museum’s school program volunteers support our mission to share our cultural history. This fall, as a result of the HVAC project closure, the team took our programs on the road. The¬†History Detectives¬†outreach program was developed in alignment with Colorado Academic Standards and supports 21st century skills that will contribute to student‚Äôs (primarily 3rd and 4th graders) future success; critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, problem solving, perseverance, collaboration, and information literacy. By the end of the year, volunteers will have visited 14 schools and presented to over 800 students! We’ve traveled to schools in Peyton, Widefield, and even Pueblo – representing seven different school districts. We are excited to work with even more students in the coming spring of 2024. We are thrilled to honor, thank, recognize and celebrate the work of this incredible team of “agents”! Thank you!

We have an amazing team of volunteers this year! They have been incredibly open and supportive throughout the process of developing and launching the new outreach program. It's always fun watching them shine in the classroom environment, and we've loved seeing how both students and teachers have engaged in the program activities. We are so appreciative of the volunteer's efforts and critical work to continue to engage the community during the HVAC project.

Kristin Boyd - Agent 19

Kristen is new to the CSPM volunteer team this year and was invited by a friend from her hiking group, Karen Hardwick. She shared that “As a retired history teacher, I value CSPM’s programs that create hands on, high interest activities that fully engage students. The activities are well prepared and captivate students’ attention.”¬† This semester she has enjoyed working with students in the classroom, “Engaging with students while circulating the groups is so gratifying and helps their focus. Their excitement is contagious.¬†Students make so many connections and comments during the activity and get such a kick out of getting the stamp and badge sticker.”¬†

Naomi Burnside - Agent E-Holmes

Naomi joined the school program volunteers in April 2022. She has quickly dived into the new History Detectives Outreach Program and has focused on the photograph station, where she helps students explore the history of tuberculosis treatment in the Pikes Peak region. Naomi also often volunteers for our other youth and family programs, such as the Festival of Lights Family Fun Day.

Namoi Bernicde, School Program Volunteer

Karen Hardwick - Agent Sunshine

Karen began volunteering for school programs in August of 2022 – “During the 2022-23 school year, I enjoyed the excitement of the students visiting the CSPM in person, and wanted to join Meg, Makaela and my fellow volunteer colleagues in bringing the museum to the students while the museum is closed. This Fall, I have seen the same excitement while presenting the History Detectives program in the schools. I have had many students tell me that they like my detective name, ‚ÄúAgent Sunshine‚ÄĚ, which I chose in reference to our City of Sunshine. I love learning about Colorado History whenever the opportunity arises, and sharing history with students through the school outreach program has been a pleasure!”

Baylor Hodson - Agent Baylor

Baylor joined the volunteer team this fall. She is currently studying Political Science at UCCS and was excited to pursue her love of history by volunteering for the CSPM. Her experience working with children at summer camps has prepared her to support the documents station for the outreach program. 

Mandy McKeever - Agent Zang

Mandy joined the CSPM school program volunteers in January 2022. In addition to supporting the Hands on History activity stations, Mandy often volunteers at other youth and family programs. Most recently she volunteered to offer History Detectives activities to thousands of children and families at the Cool Science Carnival Day at UCCS.

Jamie Minette - Agent Wise

¬†Jamie led her first CSPM school program in November of 2022, “It’s a fun way to give back to schools, and share the stories of our community with the future.” She has focused on the photograph station but is starting to learn others, “I have learned a lot, and can share fun Colorado Springs facts with my friends and family.” She was eager to support to CSPM during our closure and continue to serve schools, “The elementary students we are serving have had a lot of closure in their school years. The CSPM easily adapted the program and we are still able to share the stories of our past.”

Lauren Wainwright - Agent Omega

Lauren began volunteering in spring of 2023, “I decided to join the program because I was looking for more museum experience while I worked as a substitute¬†teacher. So, the school outreach program seemed like a great combination of the two!”¬† So far, Lauren has focused on learning and leading the documents activity, “I’ve really enjoyed getting to interact with all the kids and getting to see their creativity through solving the activities and answering questions.” She shared that the History Detectives program helps students learn important skills, like primary source analysis, and enjoys helping them work together “to complete fun activities¬†that teach them about the history of Colorado Springs.”

Fran Worthington - Agent Mulberry

Fran has volunteered for school programs since the fall of 2015, contributing nearly 1,000 hours in the past 8 years. In regards to the new outreach program, Fran shared, “I love the school programs and was happy to continue with the outreach program. I think it’s important for continuity of the museum’s mission. So many things have had to be postponed or reimagined during the closure and our outreach will keep from having to start from scratch next school year.” Fran has enjoyed being apart of the team and has appreciated the “adaptability of the program staff. Many things have needed improvements and they have been made quickly and communicated clearly to the volunteers.”