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Inside of the Clock Face in the Clock Tower

Donor Spotlight

By Diane Barber Stine, Development Director

Meet Sandra and Scott Meagher

Sandra and Scott Meagher are members of the Clock Tower Society– a special group who are passionate about local history and envision a future for the Colorado Springs. We asked them to share their story.

Why do you think the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is important to support?

Colorado Springs is a unique community surrounded by natural beauty. The Clock Tower is a gem in our community. When you go inside the 1903 El Paso County Courthouse, you are able to further explore the rich and interesting history which is unique to this area. — Sandra

I grew up in Colorado Springs. This city has a unique backdrop with the mountains and Pikes Peak. General Palmer, Spenser Penrose and many others made the community what it is today. We believe it is important to share this history with the community and preserve it. Clock Tower Society is a great way to do that. — Scott

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

What is your favorite exhibit?
Overall, I like everything at the Museum, but the courtroom is one of my favorites. When you step into that room, you feel that you are stepping back into time. — Sandra

For years, I never went inside the Museum. Every time I went downtown, I always noticed the architecture of the building. In many ways, the building represents how Colorado Springs distinguished itself as a community to other cities in the area and in the State. — Scott

What do you enjoy most about Clock Tower Society?
We support the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum because we believe in sharing and preserving history of the Pikes Peak Region. We enjoy being Clock Tower Society members because you are invited to take a deeper delve into history through unique experiences.

Diane Barber Stine, CSPM Development Director

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum relies on generous individuals like Sandra and Scott to fulfill it’s mission to build a lasting connection to the Pikes Peak region by preserving and sharing our cultural history.  Interested in supporting the CSPM? Visit our support page to learn more.

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