Agatha Costa Dekker, Collections Volunteer - CSPM

Agatha Costa Dekker, Collections Volunteer

Meg Yevara, CSPM Program Coordinator

It is fitting that for Historic Preservation Month, we recognize a Collections Volunteer as the Volunteer of the Month. Congratulations to Agata Costa Dekker! Agata has worked with the Textile Collection for almost a year. Twice a week, she comes in to box, prepare, and hang textiles for the Museum in preparation for collection moves associated with the HVAC project. In addition, Agata helps to make padded hangers for clothing items. When asked why she chose to volunteer, she shared:

“Since I moved to Colorado Springs, the CSPM was my favorite Museum. I¬† never thought I would be so lucky. I am not a fashionista, but clothes can tell you so much about their history – if they were made skillfully, adapted, where they come from sometimes, they have stamps or labels of the tailor, also tell the story of a period, its social, economic condition. The Museum has given me the opportunity to work with garments I have not seen before such as Foxtrot dresses, Military uniforms, dresses from the late 1800s – different to the fashion where I come from.”¬†

In addition to the joy of working with the textile collection (which she describes as “so amazing and complete, a slice of an American way of life”), Agata also shared that she has enjoyed her time with the staff, “When I first came and Cailtin Sharpe showed me around I was hearing laughs, seeing smiles and people thanking me for volunteering. To me you looked like a big family.” When asked about her favorite stories from local history, Agata shared, “When the city was being built, how people came together in an amazing display of community,¬† collecting funds, donating items for the hospitals and sanatoriums. I also marvel at the inventiveness of some of the pioneers.”