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Oral History Survey


Email Address:
Daytime Phone:
When and where were you born?
Who were your parents and what do you remember about them?
Who were your grandparents and what do you remember about them?
Describe some of your earliest memories.
Where did you go to school?
Describe the house or houses where you have lived.
What do you remember about the neighborhoods and communities where you have lived?
When you were growing up, what were your plans for the future?
Did you marry? Describe your spouse, your courtship, married life.
Tell about the jobs you have had, what you did, where you worked, and what it was like.
What do you do for fun? What activities do you enjoy?
What were the obstacles (if any) that you had to overcome in your life?
Did you experience any prejudice because of your religious, cultural, or ethnic background?
Who have been your mentors/role models?
What are your proudest accomplishments?
What memories do you have of any natural disasters in your community (i.e. Waldo Canyon Fire)?