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Guidelines for School Groups

We want you to have a great time while visiting. The following guidelines will help you enjoy your visit to the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.


Please make every effort to arrive on time. If we have other school groups scheduled to visit, your time at the museum may not be extended due to a late arrival.

  • Please divide students into groups before you arrive at the Museum.
  • An accessibility ramp is available on the southwest corner on the building.
  • If weather permits please leave coats on the bus.
  • Please leave backpacks, other large bags,  lunches, and water bottles on the bus.

Parking & Drop-off/Pick-Up Options

  • We do not have a designated loading zone available for bus loading and unloading. Most school groups utilize any open metered parking spots on Nevada or Vermijo for this purpose. Note there is no set parking for buses, but often there is space available east of the museum on Vermijo.
  • City Administration Building Parking Garage – Only $1 after 4pm and on weekends!
  • Downtown Parking Meters
  • Depending on the day you may find a free parking spot on Vermijo, just east of Nevada.


We request the following guidelines for chaperones for your group:

  • One chaperone for every five students be provided for grades pre-K through 2
  • One for every ten students for grades 3 and up.

Name Tags

Although name tags are not required, we highly recommend them for effective communication for our volunteers and docents, and your chaperones.


Students may picnic in our park around the Museum to include the gazebo on the south lawn. We do ask that the students respect the grounds around the Museum, leaving them as they found them. Trash containers are located all around the Museum grounds.

Museum Store

Students may visit our Museum Store at the end of their visit. Please let us know when booking your group if your students will be visiting the store.

We ask that no more than five students visit the store at one time. Small purchase items such as stickers, pencils, and postcards may be purchased for between $.50 and $3.00.


If your group needs to use the restroom facilities before your visit begins please let the front desk volunteer know as soon as you arrive. Restrooms and drinking fountains are located on the main floor of the Museum.

Please share the following rules and guidelines with your students and all of the adults attending the field trip:

Children’s Exhibit

Our children’s exhibit is located in a small gallery and was designed for visiting families. At this time we do not allow any school groups to visit the exhibit. There are many other opportunities for exploration throughout the rest of the museum and we encourage students to return with their families to see the exhibit.

Please be sure that your chaperones and students are aware of this policy. The museum reserves the right to ask school groups to leave the exhibit if they do enter.

Student Rules

  • Curiosity is a wonderful thing, but something as simple as a touch can leave acids and residue on very valuable objects that may not be able to be removed. Please do not touch objects in the galleries unless they are marked “Please Touch.”
  • There is no running or jumping allowed inside the Museum.
  • Students may not leave the group at any time without being accompanied by a chaperone. Chaperones, please keep your children with you at all times.
  • Please use inside voices so as not to disrupt other visitors.
  • If you have a question during a tour, please raise your hand.
  • Candy, gum, beverages and food are strictly not permitted inside the Museum.
  • We understand the importance of taking home memories of your visit, however flash photography is very damaging to artwork and artifacts and is not allowed in the Museum. Postcards, books and images of our collection are available in the Museum Store.
  • While we understand the importance of communication, the use of cell phones can be very disruptive to other visitors. Please do not use cell phones in the galleries.
  • The cases in our galleries are very fragile and contain artifacts that are very fragile as well. Please do not lean on or use the cases as writing surfaces in any of the galleries.
  • Please follow directions and suggestions from museum staff.
  • Laugh, have fun, ask lots of questions and participate!

Chaperone and Teacher Guidelines for Guided Tours

  • We ask that chaperones and teachers refrain from visiting with each other or talking on the phone when the Docents are speaking to the students.
  • Please assist the Docents when there are behavior or noise issues.
  • Please allow the children time to answer the questions, even though it is sometimes tempting to answer for your students. It is also helpful when teachers give clues to children by reminding them of recent readings, assignments, class discussions, or prior knowledge.
  • We encourage teachers and chaperones to get involved in tours…please ask questions, too!

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is a city-owned, non-profit organization that depends on support and donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to continue providing quality educational programming. We appreciate your support.

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is not responsible for any personal injury or loss/theft of property.